Angela Jane

About Reiki

Reiki (pronounced RAY-kee) is a Japanese word that means ‘Universal life-force energy’. It is the energy force that flows around and through all living things, also known as chi or qi. In other cultures and practices it may be referred to as light, mana, prana or ether to name a few. This energy is older than history. It is believed that all life is formed from it. Reiki is also a form of energy healing that is intended to promote balance in all living systems.

When I channel reiki, it enters my body from the crown chakra (top of the head) and flows down through my heart centre, down both arms, and out through my hands. It is channeled in accordance with divine intelligence and with the intention of providing healing energy for the highest healing good. Working holistically means that I don't just focus on a symptom but take into account everything that is present in your life. I treat the whole person, not just the body. With Reiki, there are four different levels at which healing is achieved, through the body (physical), the mind (mental), the heart (emotional) and the soul (spiritual). It is subtle and cumulative in it’s effects, meaning that the more reiki energy builds up in your system, the more it helps to restore balance. Being in this state of balance enables us to find contentment and to sense our connectedness to everything around us.

The connection between our energy and our physical body is made in two ways. The first is through the aura. The second is through the chakras. There are seven main chakras located along a central line stretching from the top of the head to the base of the spine and each has it's own colour, matching that of the aura, starting from the base up. Each chakra is connected to the respective layer of the aura and the surrounding physical areas of the inner and outer body. The energy, or qi, brought in through the chakras is transported around the body.

Reiki benefits

Greater health and wellbeing - Accelerates the body's own natural healing process - Heals holistically - Aids relaxation - Minor pain management - Detoxifyies the body - Encourages mental clarity - Releases emotional wounds - Improves sleep - Reduces anxiety and depression - Dissolves energy blockages - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - Smoothes the digestion - Releases stress and tension - Strengthens the immune system - Encourages greater self-esteem - Hightens self-awareness and intuition - Helps to dissolve negative conditioning and behaviour and Stimulates creativity.

Being a Complementary therapy, Reiki supports & compliments standard medical care, however, it is not, and should never be, a substitute for medication or medical care.

What can I expect from a Reiki session?

I ask that you refrain from drinking alcohol in the 24 hours before your session as this can add unnecessary toxins to the body which Reiki will seek to eliminate delaying the important purpose of healing.

For your first healing session, you will have a general Health and Wellbeing consultation which takes about 10 minutes. I will briefly answer any questions and discuss possible worries or concerns you may have about your current wellbeing. If you wish to discuss any session or a particular matter in length, a separate Wellbeing session will need to be booked.

You lie, fully clothed (minus your shoes and coat), on your back on the bed, (at some stage I might ask you to turn over, but if lying on your back is too uncomfortable, it doesn't matter, I can adapt). I will go through my relax process with you just to help you feel more at ease before I begin. There are 12 standard hand positions: 4 around the head, 4 along the torso, and 4 along the back from the neck to the base of the spine and these are in direct relation to the chakras mentioned at the top of the page. I scan your aura to get a sense of how your energy is flowing and if there are any immediate areas that need treating first. I will then steadily work through the hand positions. Some sessions I may treat completely different areas to the fore mentioned twelve. What your body needs healing energy wise cannot be predicted until that moment, I cannot guide Reiki to specific areas to treat, the energy flows to where it is most needed and works only for your higher and greater good. Some people experience feelings of heat or tingling as the Reiki flows through them or they may feel certain parts cold. Usually people feel very relaxed and peaceful as the energy flows through their body, some even drift off to sleep.   

Some people become quite emotional as the Reiki begins to break down old patterns and blockages and bring them to the surface, they may cry or jerk slightly, all which are perfectly normal, it's just caused by blocked or stagnant energy being released in different ways from the body. Once the session is over, I will gently rouse you and if there is anything that I have intuitively picked up, or if you want to briefly discuss anything, we will do so.