Angela Jane

Crystal Reiki

Crystal Reiki Healing is the combination of Reiki Energy Healing and Crystal Therapy, which together brings the benefits of both therapies into union to provide a deeper healing, beautifully relaxing and powerful holistic treatment which infuses the mind, the body, the heart, the soul and your spirit with healing energy that encourages your natural self-healing within to start repairing your whole-self.

With the placement of crystals I can address specific issues, either by clearing negative energy from the system (like pain, stress or sadness), and/or by providing the supportive energy you might need (like calm, enhanced focus or vitality) and channel reiki to bring overall balance to the system, which combined helps to harmonise all the various energy vibrations, and can help you feel deeply nurtured and relaxed. By combining crystals with reiki and tuning in psychically I am better able to be at one with your energy, the healing process as it unfolds, and to receive intuitive or guidance along the way.

If you have previously had reiki or crystal healing and feel that you would like to have a deeper healing experience then Crystal Reiki might be for you

Being a Complementary therapy, Crystal Reiki supports & compliments standard medical care, however, it is not, and should never be, a substitute for medication or medical care.