I’ve had a few Reiki and Guidance sessions with Angela so far and highly recommend her services. I had no experience of reiki before and didn’t know what to expect; if fact, I was a little sceptical, but after talking to Angela I was curious about seeing if it was for me. She was very approachable and answered my questions thoughtfully - even the silly one’s.

Reiki is deeply relaxing and I’m often a little teary afterwards so I’m glad to feel and allowed to cry if I need to. Angela’s empathic approach and keen sense of intuition help connect the dots between what my body is doing and what’s going on in my life: each session brings up new sensations, emotions and things to go away and think about.

Everyone will get something different from it, but it’s a worthwhile experience for anyone who wants to know themselves better and gain some inner peace and Angela is a wonderful guide to help you get there.
— lucy keens/architect/london
Angela is amazing! I have done a few sessions with her and I am feeling great. The guidance that she gave me has totally changed my life, I met and married my husband because of the courage she helped me find to move forward with my life. Highly recommend!
— Marzena Chodnicka/Bussines manager/london
Angela is one of the most genuine people I have ever encountered. She really cares about the well-being of her clients. She is a fantastic healer and is very intuitive. I went to see her for a single session but was so impressed with her I went again. I would highly recommend her.
— Mark Simmons/banker/London
I met Angela at a Mind Body Soul festival where I experienced my first taster of Reiki. Being new to Reiki, I was a little nervous but Angela made me feel at ease by answering all my questions with her wide knowledge of Reiki and her friendly, kind approach.

I was so impressed with the experience that I went on to book a package of 5 sessions with her. I am 2 sessions in, and each session has offered me a completely unique experience. Angela is able to identify areas of healing required within my body without indication and can read me very well which means I come away from each session feeling accomplished. I have been able to learn new things about myself which in turn enables me to feel a sense of clarity of thought which is exactly what I wanted from my Reiki sessions and a Reiki practitioner.

As well as specialising in Reiki, Angela provided me with life coaching which really supported the sessions, I have found it invaluable and find Angela to be a very honest, approachable and generally warm and lovely person.
— Kay Tagliarini / property manager/london
My Reiki session with Angela was amazing - everything from the ambience of the room to the way I felt straight after the session.

I felt incredibly calm and relaxed and literally was able to shut off to the external world (usually not possible for me!). By the end, I felt like all the weight had been lifted! Although my session was for 30 minutes, Angela did not rush me and took time to explain my feelings which has encouraged me to make some adjustments to my lifestyle.

Thank you for an incredible introduction to Reiki!
— Ozge Duzgun/Comms and Engagement Manager/London
The Coaching sessions with Angela helped me to clearly identify and define goals, build my confidence, gain valuable self-perspective and helped me to believe in and see ways that my set goals could be attained having a very positive impact on my life.
— kim murphy/Secondary school tutor/london
When I first started speaking to Angela about Reiki, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Having never had anything like it before, I was unsure but Angela immediately put me at ease. She explained how it worked, the history and the training she has had. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and with her upbeat positive attitude you’ll feel instantly in capable hands.

The treatment itself has been extremely therapeutic. Having gone through a very busy few months with work and in the lead up to moving away, it has been so amazing to have Reiki as a constant factor. Angela has explained the connection between the treatment and my lifestyle, and it has been so therapeutic when I have been able to understand my inner thoughts and take steps to move forward in a positive and improved way.

I can’t recommend Angela enough. I came away from each session feeling extremely relaxed and ready to make positive changes.
— alex dobbing/events manager/london & sydney
Angela’s Coaching was pivotal in the achievement of my goals. Her constant positive attitude and clear thinking helped me to develop a healthier perspective on my situation, therefore equipping me to move forward, passed every obstacle and achieve my objectives.

I highly recommend her sessions, especially to those who are stuck and unable to move forward as I was before being aided by her invaluable skills.
— Marcella Sant' Anna/Actress and Writer/London
Finding it hard to delegate and manage my time effectively, having 6 Coaching sessions with Angela has enabled me to learn how to relax and asses situations better and manage my team with much more ease and because of this, achieve set deadlines and my targets so a very big thank you to Angela, I don’t know what I’d have done without you.
— kim chichester/senior retail manager/london
Very pleased with the professional and calm attitude of Angela during my Reiki sessions. Extremely tranquil atmosphere which I found very relaxing and went away feeling very uplifted and relaxed and would not hesitate in recommending her.
— valerie hayward/retiree/london
Coaching has helped me stay focused on my main goals of changing lifestyle habits and learning to drive. The sessions gave me confidence and motivation to improve my health, helped me to reduce fear and anxiety and kept me on track to achieve my goals.
— Harneeta hilal/business owner/london
After having weekly Coaching sessions with Angela I am now able to manage and understand my thoughts and feelings more, I now have a clearer understanding of how I view and respond to things and it has enabled me to make positive changes in my everyday life.
— melissa sornio/property manager/london