Angela Jane

About Intuitive Guidance

With the ever increasing stress and demands in our everyday lives, we can often fall in to the pattern of self-neglect over a period of a few weeks, months, or years and don’t pay much attention to what is happening within us until we start to suffer either mentally or physically. Your behaviours might have changed, habits you don’t particularly want to have become your go to source of comfort, your body has more pain than it used to, or illness in some form keeps plaguing you, relationships with your family and others aren’t what they used to be, you lack energy and vitality and you may have become dissatisfied with your life and wish for change. These are all signs, and warnings from your-self, that there is Dis-ease within you. Dis-ease isn’t just a physical issue, it can affect your emotional wellbeing, mental wellbeing and your spiritual wellbeing, often more than one at a time - as they are all connected.

As a Psychic Empath I connect with you on all energetic levels; the Mental, the Physical, the Emotional and the Spiritual, as well as hearing what you say, and what you don’t. I quickly establish what the real reasons behind why you feel unable to change and help you understand yourself and how your actions and thoughts affect your life, how imbalances in your mental wellbeing can affect you physically, move through the process of how to bring change, build greater confidence and start to move forward with your life and well-being. A simple question to ask yourself is; ‘Is the discomfort and benefit of change worse than the pain of staying stuck where I am now’?

 Benefits of Guidance

Better understanding of your emotional responses - Increased self-care and love - Eases anxiety - Stress relieving - Clarification on issues/problems/dilemas in your life - Gain mindful thinking strategies - Stronger self-awareness - Enhanced harmony and peace in your life - Greater confidence and self-belief.