Angela Jane


Meditation is yoga that takes place inside the mind. Taking time out of our busy schedules to become quiet and go within, to deepen our relationship with ourselves and become the observer of our own thoughts. Our thoughts lead to actions, our actions lead to habits, our habits lead to our personality, and our personality leads to our present reality. Everything traces back to the thoughts moving through your mind. To shift your outer reality, you must start by shifting what’s happening within you. The real battle is the one that takes place inside the mind.

During meditation, if you experience boredom or resistance, or the ego rears its ugly head screaming, ‘Stop!! You’re wasting your time’, just know that you are not alone, many people experience this, even those that have practiced meditation for years, that’s why it is a ‘practice’…we are constantly growing and learning. It is difficult to erase old mental programs we’ve established, but if you conquer your mind, you will start to establish mental programs that are conductive to living the kind of life you want to live.


When meditation is practiced regularly the benefits are plentiful. Here are just a few of the beneficial effects:

Boosts the immune system - Improves memory - Decreases stress hormones and anxiety - Restores the body even more than sleep does - Increases sex hormones - Increases clarity - Increases grey matter in the brain - Increases happiness - Increases creativity - Encourages deep relaxation - Helps to reduce physical pain - Balances emotions - Focuses the mind and can bring deeper connection to your spiritual growth.